Group Fitness Certification in Canada:

Group Fitness Certification Options in the U.S. (and some available in Canada)
1) The ISSA specialist in group
2) The ACE Group Fitness Instructor Certification
3) The Group Fitness Certification from AFAA
4) The Certified Group Exercise Instructor (GEI) from

Certification for Selah requires the following:

1. Accreditation from a governing body such as A.C.E. or ISSA, or CANFITPRO in Canada(see links below) OR a Kinesiology Degree (with teaching experience) OR a Physical Education University Degree.

2. A 500 word essay on your reasons for wanting to become Selah certified, which includes your journey of faith and interest in Scripture Focused Meditation.

3. Interview in person or online after submission of the above written essay.

4.  Memorization  of a portion of scripture from Selah Meditations or other Biblical portions of Scripture (Minimum of 7 verses)

5. Participate in a minimum of 4 sessions of Selah, either in person or through online communication (e.g. Facebook, Zoom, Skype…)

6. Lead 2 classes, in person or through online communication(e.g. Zoom), with a minimum of 2 students, under observation. The first in order to receive feedback and the second for certification.